The Amazing Niagara Falls

This was my fiance’s first time travelling to Canada. And of course it wouldn’t be a complete travel package without going here in this amazing paradise. When we got here is still kind of chilly, but we manage the coldness amidst all. Woah! is the first impression you could hear from him. He was so excited to look and tour around. Niagara Falls is one of the highlights of Ontario Canada. I absolutely love the scenery and the downtown proper. The falls, is such a paradise. You wouldn’t want to take your eyes off the big continuous body of water. No words can explain how lucky we are that we have been here.

Niagara Downtown is definitely full of thrill and adventure. Every bit of fun experience that you would like to feel that certain moment is here. I remember when I went here first time (not with my boyfriend though but with family and relatives), we literally went in this very amazing maze called the Mirror Maze. It was hilarious that we thought we could go out easily, but we didn’t. Me and my cousin, ended up seeking for each other for more than 30 minutes. And then we went to Ripley’s and Upside Down House and some more.

The boyfriend and I never let the chilly day pass without experiencing the Niagara Skywheel.This is just a perfect ride for you to be able to see the whole area when you are up. What’s more interesting is that you will have your own time to be amazed an talk randomly. I found it sweet though. During the night, it is more fascinating when lights are on, as well as the falls itself. There are also cheap and accessible hotels around the area and along the Niagara Falls. Casino is one of the most popular entertainment place here at Niagara and when I say gambling, yes, this is the best one yet.

I found the paradise so romantic, specially when you experience it with the one you love. We really had fun walking and strolling together, and as him being the first timer, he totally would love to come back.

This was taken last Fall of this year, but I can’t help but share our most amazing experience. It was such fun hanging out of course, with our friends.

Overviewing the US Border- Buffalo, New York

Marc and I enjoying the moments of our lives


The Niagara Skywheel, where I used to be Marc’s photographer. He was the tourist though

The Downtown Niagara has lots to offer, for your stay will not get too boring. Instead, too busy!



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