That Surprise Bridal Shower

That moment when you literally don’t have any idea that the people you love the most just threw a surprise party for you – bliss! The scenario was totally unforgettably amazing. I’m still at the peak of intense euphoria. It may seem a little over exaggerating and over rated but truly, this one made me feel a lot more blessed than ever, at this age.

My aunt from Schomberg Ontario, kept forcing me not to work on this entire day and date because she wanted me to sleep over at their place the night before the bridal soiree. Her reason seemed so effective that I have to cancel my part time job that night. They were about to have a holiday in Italy for a month and that made me realized, I may not see them for quite long, so i decided to sleep over since I am having a holiday soon too. All I knew is that we are going to a party with my uncle’s family. And then the day has come and we were getting ready when she asked me to wear her dress with printed strawberries on it, since I didn’t bring one. Good thing it fits me since she is more skinnier than me (and that, i do not like! LOL). By the time we were about to come back to Milton, which by driving will take you for almost 45 minutes, that far from Schomberg ; I was to call my cousin because all I knew is that we are picking her up to go to the party with us to play piano. So I called her and asked if she is ready yet since we were only 5 minutes away from them. To my surprise, after ringing the door bell, all I heard screaming and shouting was the word “SURPRISE!!!” 

Without a clue for like 5 seconds after I heard that shouting, took me to a glance on the other side of the wall with a poster saying “FROM MISS TO MRS.” which gave me now the idea (finally!) that the shouting and screaming was for me. Everybody was there. My relatives all over Ontario area and our family friends. My fiance’s friends too which along the way became my friends too were there. My college friend who I am so astounded that she came (late), participated too in that soiree. Ladies, gentlemen, kids and grandparents were there. This is not a very common thing to do for a bridal shower, but, I definitely love the concept of bringing family and friends together. This is so me. I love being surrounded by my family and friends.

The decoration and foods were definitely the bomb! I remember doing the same thing whenever there is an occasion or party to prepare with, but right at that very moment, I was the one who was stunned with their preparation. Audrey Hepburn and the love for Paris are really my thing and I am very open with that. And that my almost cousin arranged everything that I wanted. The whole preparation and surprise party was a blast. I really thanked my aunt (family friend) who really pushed thru with this fun. 

Being here in Canada for three years made me feel I am really close to my immediate family. I am so blessed for being surrounded and taken care of my relatives. The feels of being away from my Mom, Dad, brother and sister were not a bother. I don’t always feel the home sickness. I am really blessed and really thankful for everything that is going on my way. The new path that I will take maybe not that easy as they say, but our love for each other will not hinder our new journey.

I maybe a little exaggerating but I am teary eyed until this very moment and I am very thankful for everyone who prepared and participated in this Surprise Bridal Shower.

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