Along The Urban Lights Of Los Angeles

That blissful night when all you have to feel and imbibe was the same moment you cherished the first time you saw each other. That moment when you two collide and clasp each other to bosom- it’s breathtaking. Everything was shut down, from the pumping of my blood going thru my heart ’till it stopped beating. I can still remember the rapid trembling of my whole body when he glanced at me. The feels of knowing that first, I am with him and I feel safe. Second, I am bursting with happiness because he loves me. And third, because what in the world have I done to deserve someone like him? I’m in total euphoria of being inlove.

Along the boulevard in the Miracle Mile vicinity of Los Angeles, here comes the sweet surprise that came very least to my mind after having a little jet-lagged on my half a day journey from Ontario to California. My man has to have something (he always does!) that will not make a day pass not to make me feel like I’m in heaven. He nailed it again! After I received a Promise Ring on my birthday this year and this same year, he knelt down, opened a small box inside his pocket ; my eyes which were normally huge had to pop out with what I saw. I scream out loud inside. I couldn’t express anything but joy. As I embrace him with gladness and greatness in my heart, he cuddled me like there were no other people on that spanning history of art lights. I can’t squeak of course! I never expected that one way or another he would still give me a diamond full of love amidst the planning of getting married the same year.

Now, I believe in fairy tales, I believe in magic, in sparkle and everything. I believe that there will be someone who will be by your side and act like your knight and shinning armor until the rest of the days you have left on earth. It is very clear to me now, that I must have done something really, really good that God never failed me to find someone who will comfort and love me in the best that he can. Literally, LUCKY, HAPPY and INLOVE!
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