Our Wedding

“Marriage: Love is the reason. Lifelong friendship is the gift. Kindness is the cause. And until death do us part is the length.” – Fawn Weaver

This wedding album has been long waited for my family and friends, especially in the Philippines. Unfortunately, my mom, dad, sister, and brother weren’t able to attend and witnessed two of our Wedding Ceremonies which were both taken place here in California and has had happened two years ago. But the most important thing is that even though their presence is not with me, I know in my heart that they were all happy for me.

It took alot of effort and patience for my husband and I to prepare for this event because as you all know, we were in a long distance relationship before and after getting married. As odd as it may seem, my husband who was devoted to this ceremony was actually the one who made it possible. From paper works to venue and reception up to food tasting and wine that needs to be served, he did everything. But we would also like to acknowledge my sister in law who helped my husband out of everything for the wedding to happen.Most especially to his Mom who has been very supportive all throughout.

Events like this are most memorable with family and friends. Amidst of my immediate family’s absence (because they do not have visas to come over here in California), my husband’s family, who happened to be here and as well as his friends attended the ceremony and will always be thankful for them for sharing and witnessing our wedding. I also have relatives who took their time and willingness to stood by us, because they know that I have no representative on my side. His friends were very participative as well in the reception, from photography to masters of ceremony and party. Thank you so much to each and everyone for the love, support and generosity you have shared with us in our most endearing moment. Overall, it was such a great time and experience and aftermath. And we are very hopeful that one day, we will have our Church Wedding together with my whole family.

The very first day we met up to tying the knot together were indicative of maturity and readiness of having our own family. Our relationship is not perfect after all but we fought thru every obstacle.

So finally, here they are. Enjoy every moment!

Family and friends that were present during the ceremony



Some random photos (wasn’t able to download all of the pictures aftermath). The venue and reception were taken place at Whiskey Red’s Marina Del Ray California

‘Twas such a nice place to have had held any type of occasion, as to what we have experienced. The food is absolutely tasteful. The scenery is amazing as overlooking the sea and some ports. And the people who are working there are doing such great jobs and very helpful and accommodating. I really recommend this place to be visited by anyone coming here.






2 thoughts on “Our Wedding

  1. Elisa says:

    Yes LOVE is the reason,even though you had long distance relationship.What a beautiful and amazing Wedding! The place , the view and the family bonding
    Is the best key to be Happy 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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