Shoreline Aquatic Park, LBC

Have you ever remember the song from the 90’s “Summertime in the LBC” from the Dove Shack? One of my favorite songs actually. Never imagined that I’ll be singing this song right then and there at Long Beach California.

Together with my husband, mom and sister and law and the niece, we had a very nice brunch out in one of the famous buffet restaurants here in Long Beach. The Reef, which was the name of the buffet, was located along Harbor Scenic Drive of the City of the Pacific Coast. It ranges about 45usd per adult and 20usd for children for a buffet served meals. They have different food variations, which made me enjoy since I am not a huge fan of Mexican food, they still have other choices. The most awesome part of enjoying the moment of brunch with the family is the view from the patio. It was called the Waterfront since it opens from 11am so you can be able to see the California sun and the lights of the city at night. ‘Twas such a lovely day for all of us. The only thing is that while you are devouring your food and the view, you will forget to take photos as I did. The Reef on the water all in all has great culinary and services to offer and is highly recommended.

Collage_Fotor LB1

After savoring that moment, my husband and I went straight to the Shoreline Aquatic Park which was along the Queensway Bay not too far from the downtown of Long Beach. It was a shocking moment for me as my first time being here. I love the coast, the water, the scenic view that wherever you go, you will see the blue water that was surrounded in the city. I am also fascinated how the palm trees were aligned properly as they grow and that, California has a lot to offer. Picnics, walking, strolling, biking and beautiful photographic backdrops are just few of what you can do to this greenly open area that was surrounded by the water. The park has a lot of amazing views which include the Queen Mary ship and hotel, Long Beach Skyline and many more. Not too far from the Shoreline Aquatic is the shopping outlet which was located at the downtown. Food hotspots are also nearby and that you will enjoy eating with the great scenic view. We weren’t able to travel around the whole LBC area though we will definitely come back as there are too many spots that you can roam around. I love it in here.




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