Colorful Spheres In MacArthur Park

We were once here in this event and not to mention being one of those lucky people who witnessed the project filling of painted colorful spheres here at Mac Arthur Park. Originally the Westlake Park but then changed and named after Douglas Mac Arthur.



According to LA Times , this project was organized by LA- based arts non- profit Portraits of Hope . They have been conducting a lot of art projects around California focusing on many aspects, one of which is serving creative therapy to everyone. (Please visit their website Portraits of Hope )

The main goal that they gather volunteers, especially students to help in this project was to invite and attract people to come here again with a changing scenery in this park. Because not a lot of Angelenos come here anymore. And it is sad to know the truth knowing that the vicinity of the this park is in the middle of the city. Probably, nowadays people are too busy to hop by.


I have a huge heart for arts. A person who will also walk around and fine some places peaceful, scenic and picturesque environment and outdoors. And I am glad that I have witnessed this advocacy and very inspired not to forget about the places that you love the most.





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