Melrose Avenue : The Stroll

Melrose Avenue is known for Los Angeles’ area with great shopping and entertainment destination. The street is also known for its popular instagrammable graffiti and wall murals made by great artists. From Paramount studios to Hollywood’s iconic sceneries, this place has alot to offer not only to locals but to foreigners and tourists as well.

Out of curiosity, well, yeah let’s face it. Out of vanity, and since the place wasn’t too far for us to travel from home. My husband, baby boy and I made good memories to each and every wall there is when we walked around shopping boutiques and fancy cafeterias. Believe me, it’s worth every single step from left to right, north to south.

You can park on side streets whenever you are tired walking around and just take snaps from your phone. If you have the time in the world you can bring on your photography paraphernalia and imbibe the beauty of murals on the walls. I, myself was way too excited seeing most of them, but not all.

Here are some of my favorite locations, as we strolled around Melrose Avenue. But of course, I already posted them on my Instagram Account because, why not? They were Instagram-worthy after all.

Here’s  the list of my favorite instagrammable places in Melrose Avenue:

  • The Pink Wall a.k.a Paul Smith’s Pink Wall

pink wall

Paul Smith Apparel is located at 8221 Melrose Ave LA. My favorite being known for its plain pink wall. You would not want to guess how much time we have waited in line to take a selfie. It wasn’t even weekends and most of the bloggers come here to see its beauty. The boutique itself has a superb ambiance.

  • Hello Wall on Carrera Cafe


Just opposite The Pink Wall, the wall of Carrera Cafe will wave and greet you HELLO. One of the most popular murals as well and second to my favorite is this very happy accommodating cafe. Located at 8251 Melrose Avenue, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of hanging out and buying their popular subs! Plus, do not forget your very best selfie and tag the cafe along when you upload your photo on your Instagram to get a chance to be featured in their website!

  • London Kaye’s Huge Rainbow Crochet


This humongous rainbow crochet was hand made by the finest crochet maker of New York, London Kaye . As a follower on her Instagram account, I was really amazed on how she finishes every single detail with her artworks. Not to mention how huge the sizes are. You’ll be able to locate this humongous crochet artwork hanging on the side of the wall of The Paper Bag Princess , 8050 Melrose Avenue, LA.

  • Marilyn Monroe Mural


Painted last July 2016, this mural was an addition by the great Alec Monopoly. Since Los Angeles was known for Hollywood stars and city of artworks, it was a very smart idea to have this located on one of the walls in the trendy Melrose Avenue viewing an open space for people to see and witness its beauty. According to Artnet News the mural was painted to celebrate celebrity culture and pop art. I was also fascinated with those huge succulents infront of the wall, not knowing that they were over sized from human being.

  • Assembly LA


This minimalist boutique has captured my eyes so bad like the scorching weather. It was not a wall painted art, but how they came up with the idea of the upside down letters made it so unique and elegant. This simple yet classy and trendy apparel is located at 7977 Melrose Avenue.

  • Made in LA


But of course, one of the main reasons why I have Melrose Avenue on my Bucketlist, aside from the TV series Melrose Place, was because of this wall. Cisco Home has their wall painted and very popular amongst all the people visiting in LA. I just saw one of the blogger who posted this in Instagram and right away asked my husband if we can go here. It wasn’t too bad at all falling in line and waited for at least 10 minutes giving way to others who were also fascinated with this art work. I wasn’t born nor made in LA but definitely told myself to have my photo taken on this wall.

  • Believe In Your #Selfie Wall


Few blocks across Paul Smith Apparel is the painted wall made out of words to live by. Simplicity at its finest, though not most of the people see this and not a busy street for Melrose Avenue, this grayish wall is an instagram-worthy to have your photo taken with.

  • Table Art’s Blue Wall


This wall was really eye catching. Though, I am guessing that this was really part of the tabletop shop’s design, it made us line up as well just to take a snap shot on this wall just because: another instagram-worthy. The shop offers well-designed cutlery, linens, dinner wares etc. and you can find them easily at 8024 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Here are some places, shops and restaurants that are also Instagrammable :




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