All About Kristine

A mom, a wife and a nurse by profession with a deep passion for arts, calligraphy, and journaling. Loves everything in minimal, everything colorful and beautiful. Papers, pens, brushes, and scissors are all part of my existence. Sunset is always pleasing to my eyes.

Way back 2009, was when I started blogging and it got me into the peak during 2013-2014. But due to personal issues as to working full time, I wasn’t able to keep track of my blogs. And so I decided to move from one website to another and change my domain as well. Then I got married. Got pregnant after a year and dealt with processing sponsorship from my husband from up North Canada coming here to California. And as for my husband and I, we will be always thankful that even in the depth of struggles, we managed to be together before I gave birth. My son was one of the reasons I get back to blogging so I can be able to share my daily life experiences and my passion for arts and calligraphy (which I started learning on my own when I was pregnant as to distressing from hormonal pregnancy).

This blog is all about real life snaps and stories; true imagination and heart desired dreams as well as infinite journies, and even imperfect handy-crafty DIYs. But beyond everything is sharing my life’s happiness.





Open for Collaboration.

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