That Surprise Bridal Shower

That moment when you literally don't have any idea that the people you love the most just threw a surprise party for you - bliss! The scenario was totally unforgettably amazing. I'm still at the peak of intense euphoria. It may seem a little over exaggerating and over rated but truly, this one made me … Continue reading That Surprise Bridal Shower

CN Tower Toronto / La Tour CN

The final trip of my fiance was the funniest and memorable one. First, because this was his last day here Ontario and everything about him will be missed. Our great friends who really accompany us from the first day of his vacation until the last tear drop at the airport are so amazing and generous. … Continue reading CN Tower Toronto / La Tour CN

The Amazing Niagara Falls

This was my fiance's first time travelling to Canada. And of course it wouldn't be a complete travel package without going here in this amazing paradise. When we got here is still kind of chilly, but we manage the coldness amidst all. Woah! is the first impression you could hear from him. He was so … Continue reading The Amazing Niagara Falls